Kira Oreol

Kira for Ferret Dreams Rescue

I have always had a passion for animals. During my childhood my family had multiple cats and dogs. I also enjoyed the company of my parakeets and cockatiels. During college I met David, whom I have now been married to for 16 years. I continue to have a passion for all type of animals and always want to help any little critter in need. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and David and I share the joys of camping and hiking.

We moved to Colorado in 2002 and I saw a ferret at a local pet store. Growing up in California, I had not seen a ferret before and I was instantly drawn to them. After buying a house in 2004, we started to read up on ferrets and the care they required. Our first ferrets came to live with us in 2005 and are the only ones that did not come from Ferret Dreams. Over the years we have had over 25 ferrets, including the sick and old that nobody else wanted, and even some severe biters. I love their personalities and enjoy playtime. Playing with ferrets can melt away a horrible day in a matter of minutes.

I became involved with Ferret Dreams in 2007 and immediately loved everything that Matthew and Lee do for these wonderful creatures. I have supported the rescue in several different ways over the years. Being a board member, I plan to do whatever is necessary to assist Ferret Dreams in moving forward, especially toward getting a building to house the shelter ferrets. I hope to improve income through continued fundraisers and community events to educate people about Ferret Dreams and their mission. I will also work hard to continue to grow the annual Wine and Cheese Auction. This position will being new challenges that I accept with an open mind. I am looking forward to assisting with future planning for a cause that I hold near and dear to my heart.