Heather Pittman

Heather Pittman loving some fuzzies

My interest in ferrets began when I was young. My family had a few ferrets when I was growing up. Back then, there wasn’t a lot of information on ferrets or health issues related to them. Having ferrets as an adult, I have learned a lot and have found that there will always be more to learn. Since January of 2004, my husband and I have always had a large family of ferrets, many who have been rescues.

I am active in the ferret community. I believe with my involvement with other shelters, ferret related businesses, and AFA ferret shows, that I can bring many ideas to the table.As a board member for Ferret Dreams, I hope to help with fundraising and education. I would like to help Matthew and Lee with their dream of having a separate facility in order to help more ferrets that are need of rescue and/or adoption.