Belinda Poirier

Belinda for Ferret Dreams Rescue

My name is Belinda Poirier, I have been in the dental field for 22 years but have worked in the front office for the last 6 years. I am currently getting ready to dive back into the back office which is where I love to be, I love working with the patients most of all!! I am married and have 2 children: Shayne and Zoe. My family loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, or anything that has to do with the mountains. We love Colorado; it’s so beautiful here.

I have always been a huge animal lover also grew up part of my life on a farm, where we raised our own suffix and barbados sheep, also had a variety of other pets including horses. Animals have always been a huge part of my life I had some encounters with ferrets in my twenties but never had one of my own. In 2007 while I was a stay-at-home mom for a while I decided I wanted to add a different kind of animal to add to our family. I had come across two ferrets that I just fell in love with, but even though seeing them at the Dumb Friends League we decided to go home and think about it and read as much as I could about them to make sure I could meet their needs. After careful consideration, I went back and brought home my first fuzzies Daisy and Maggie! About 6 months later, I stumbled upon my 3rd ferret, “George” These creatures stole my heart from the first second I got them home, I never realized what personality they have and how much fun they could be and that quickly started a deep love for these animals.

At the time I didn’t realize there was such thing as specific rescues for animals I didn’t learn that until a friend of ours couldn’t keep her ferret, “Kiwi” any longer and brought him to us, he immediately did not get along with our group so I started to seek out a rescue for ferrets. Ferret Dreams Rescue was my best fine! After learning about what Matt and Lee do for these animals it made me fall in love even deeper with these creatures. I never realized that small animal rescues need so much help. They generally are not funded at all the same way more common household pets, or even equestrian rescues, are funded and it’s frustrating to me. I would definitely like to bring more awareness to the community and find ways to smash the myths on these animals so that they are welcomed more freely into homes across the state if not the country.

I love spending whatever free time I can get at the rescue and visit with the ferrets. Each one of them is so different, and I have gotten to know each one of them. I find it a very calming, yet busy environment I love. Since being able to spend time at the rescue, I feel like I understand more what is needed. I would like to be a part of bringing more funding into ferret Dreams Rescue so that they may get a more functional building /living situation to accommodate whole organization, Matthew and Lee. I like being a part of the events, helping Matt and Lee, and serving the ferrets however I can.