Support our Building Fund

Our building fund began in 2013 with the hopes that we can begin saving for a down-payment on a building we can call our own. This building would be the new permanent home of Ferret Dreams. Our hope is to find a building large enough to provide adequate space for more ferrets, provide quarantine, intake, and play rooms, and host Ferret Dreams and Mile High Ferret Club events. If you have any information about a property you think might fit these needs, please contact us. We would love to hear about it. When making donations to the building fund please specify that you want your donation to be put into the building fund.

How to Give:

Make a one time donation

  • Through PayPal:

  • Send a check to Ferret Dreams, 2102 S. Clarkson St., Denver, CO 80210
  • Consider gifts in memory of pets or in honor of people
  • Double your money: Check if your employer matches charitable donations!

Become a monthly donor

  • Through Colorado Gives
  • You can give more over time by breaking up your donation into installments.
  • If you currently use online bill pay with your bank, consider adding a monthly donation to Ferret Dreams of any amount.


We greatly appreciate your donation of any amount!
Matthew and Lee, Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption