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Adopt Us! Cooper and Shadow

                                Cooper and Shadow are a couple of rambunctious, fun loving, playful ferrets.  They love to play rough but love the heck out of each other.  They are young, active and very people friendly.  However, they must go to a …

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Adopt Us! – Alaska and Kitt

Alaska and Kitt are a very cute couple, always wanting to play.  They love to run, chase and wrestle with each other and with their human friends.  Alaska is a 3 yr old male and Kitt is a 3 yr old female.  They are anxiously awaiting a call from someone who would love to give …

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We’re Available: Koda, Mojo and Sammie

Koda, Mojo and Sammie are a bonded trio and must be adopted out together.  Sammie is a 2 yr old, dark-eyed white female who is still learning to play with people.  She can be nippy so she needs a lot of positive energy, patience and handling.  Otherwise, she is a very sweet and playful ferret …

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