We’re Adopted! Greta and Bianca


Greta and Bianca are two of the cutest girls around and are now ready for their new home.  Greta is a Champagne colored female and Bianca is a Dark-Eyed White female with grey markings on her back and tail.  Both girls are 7 months old.

They are very people friendly and also love playing with other ferrets.  If you are interested in this pair, please fill out the adoption form on this site.  All adoptions are subject to approval.  We do not adopt out ferrets for children under 18.

The adoption fee for this pair is $200.00


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We’re Adopted! Oreo and Pete


Oreo and Pete are patiently waiting for their new home.  Both are extremely friendly and love hanging out with humans and other ferrets.  Oreo is a 3 yr oldDk. Sable  male  and Pete is a 2 yr old Lt. Sable male.  Pete is the more outgoing and playful of the two.  He especially likes to play chase and never seems to run out of energy.  Oreo is the lover and the charmer, likes to be held and just hang out.  

If you have other ferrets and wish to add to your business of ferrets or if you’re looking to adopt for the first time, these two will definitely add some love and positive energy to your home.

All adoptions are subject to approval.  If you are interested in these two, please fill out the adoption form on this site.

The adoption fee is $150 for this pair.

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We’re Adopted! – Pierre and Bordeaux


Pierre and Bordeaux are two male ferrets looking for a forever home.  Pierre is a 1 1/2 year old Dark Sable ferret and Bordeaux is a 2 year old Champagne-Colored ferret.

Both are young, sweet and incredibly playful.  They must go to a home with no other ferrets since Pierre is pretty protective of his brother.

If you are interested in this pair, please contact us.  All adoptions are subject to approval.

Adoption fee for this pair is $150.00.

Learn about the Ferret Dreams Adoption Process

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We’re Adopted – Koda, Alaska & Kitt, Skittles and Fergie

It has been a busy month here at Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Many of ferrets who have been waiting a long time for a home finally got their wish.

Koda and Ben

Koda had been at Ferret Dreams Rescue for over 2 years along with 2 other ferrets who recently passed away.  Koda was left alone but thanks to Ben Robinson, Koda is now in a new home with two more friends, Sugar and Spice.  We want to thank Ben for giving Koda a forever home.

Selena Gonzalez-Lopez visited Ferret Dreams Rescue in the hopes of finding a perfect match.  Alaska and Kitt had also been at the shelter a while and we are so thankful to Selena for giving Alaska and Kitt the home they deserve.  Even though both have minor medical issues, Selena is willing to following through with their care.

Selena, Alaska and Kitt

Skittles was found in an abandoned home and brought to Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Skittles was in advanced stages of Adrenal Disease but had the most positive outlook and personality.  One of Skittles favorite things to do was snuggle and take naps with his human friends.  We are so impressed with Kristina Mayne for adopting Skittles even with his medical issue.  We began treatment for his Adrenal Disease and Skittles is now covered through the Ferret Dreams Medical Plan since he was adopted with a pre-existing condition.  Thank you so much Kristina for your caring heart and love for Skittles.

Kristina and Skittles
Kristina and Skittles

I’m Adopted: Vector

Zoe, Belinda and Vect

Several months ago, Zoe experienced the sudden loss of her first ferret Caesar.  Zoe and Caesar were inseparable.  At every month Mile High Ferret Club Event, you would find Zoe and Caesar together, Caesar dressed in funny hats, or wrapped in a blanket or some other costume.  After several months, Zoe felt she was ready to adopt again.  Coincidentally, Ferret Dreams took in Vector and knew he would be a perfect companion for Zoe.  Belinda and Zoe recently adopted Vector and he is loving life in his new home with his many new ferret brothers and sisters.

Thank you Zoe and Belinda for adopting again from Ferret Dreams Rescue!

We’re Adopted: Daxter and Zerg

Daxter and Zerg

Daxter and Zerg were thrilled to go to a new home with their own ferret room.  They now share the room with two other ferrets and all four are getting along great.  We want to thank Nathan and Sharon for adopting Daxter and Zerg from Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Nathan and Sharon have adopting many ferrets from us and we love to have wonderful repeat ferret adopters.


We’re Adopted: Reginald and Francesca

Jason and Marci already had 4 ferrets but really were interested in adding to their business of ferrets.  A “Meet and Greet” was scheduled and all 6 ferrets sniffed and smelled, played and wrestled and it seemed unanimous that they should all be together.

We want to thank Jason and Marci for adopting from Ferret Dreams Rescue and for giving these two cuties a new home.