Christie – DreamAngel for Pepper and Charlie

Christie and Charlie
Christie and Charlie


Christie contacted us recently about our DreamAngel program.  Christie adopted a ferret named Moe from Ferret Dreams back in 2007.  Moe has since passed away and Christie wanted to be a part of a ferrets life again and thought that the best way for her was to become a DreamAngel.  This is what Christie wrote:

I wanted to become a Dream Angel because I wanted to support Ferret Dreams on a regular basis and loved the option of visiting a ferret occasionally. I choose to sponsor Pepper and Charlie. I liked that Pepper and I came to Ferret Dreams on the same weekend. Her story really touched my heart and I look forward to hearing about her progress at Ferret Dreams Rescue.

I also choose Charlie. He was white which reminded me of one of my former ferrets, Nikki, so I wanted to sponsor him in memoriam of my sweet little ol’ guy. When we went outside for pictures Matthew mentioned it was his first time outside. I would like to visit Charlie again and give him some more fun outdoor playtime and his favorite salmon treats.

Ferret Dreams holds a special place in my heart. Although I am not in a place in my life where I can provide a forever home, I can contribute to those in need and I appreciate this local, non-profit charity that supports a cause I find very worthy.

Pepper is a 1 1/2 yr old ferret who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma on her lower spine  She is unable to use her hind legs and must be expressed several times a day due to her inability to urinate on her own.  She is on steroids to held with her disease and pain relievers to make her more comfortable.

Charlie is a 5 year old ferret who recently lost his cagemate Tobey unexpectedly.  Charlie seems a little lost and lonely but we will do our best to give him the extra love and attention he deserves.

If you would like more information about our DreamAngel program, please contact us at

Pepper all comfy
Pepper all comfy
Christie, Ryan and Pepper
Christie, Ryan and Pepper
Pepper's Angels
Pepper’s Angels
Pepper getting fresh air
Pepper getting fresh air

DreamAngel – Dawn sponsors Liberty

Dawn and Liberty
Dawn and Liberty

Ferret Dreams Rescue was recently contacted by Dawn Larson who heard of our rescue through Canyon View Animal Hospital.  Dawn was touched by Liberty and his struggles with Lymphoma and wanted to be a part of his life through our DreamAngel program.  Dawn spent an afternoon with Liberty and brought him lots of fun toys and treats.

Thank you Dawn for wanting to be a part of Liberty’s life here at the rescue.

Here is what Dawn wrote:

I’ve always loved ferrets. I had several different neighbors growing up that had ferrets and I would spend hours and hours just playing with them. I never had any of my own until February this year and I immediately fell in love! Their curiosity and clumsiness, busyness and tenacity, their intoxicating personalities, all make them irresistible.
We currently have five critters of our own and they complete our family in ways no other pet could. I took two of our recently adopted girls to see Dr. Bumpers (one has a chordoma and the other has early Adrenal disease) and she told me about Ferret Dreams. When I saw Liberty and heard his story, my heart just broke in two. I can’t bear the fact that our society as a whole has become a “throw-away” society; that we just get rid of our old and infirm because we don’t have the time, energy or resources to deal with them anymore. Whether it’s our elders or our pets, too often, they are sent away or put down once their cuteness or independence is gone. All pets, big or small, are a lifelong commitment; without exception. They give us their very best and they deserve our very best for as long as they grace us with their presence.
Liberty is just one of the far too many victims of our immediate gratification society. He got sick, and even though his humans had the resources, they couldn’t find the time to get him the care that he needed. I believe our pets are as important as any other member of our families and they should be afforded the same love and respect that they give to us. Unconditional love, sadly, is far too rare in our world. Liberty won’t be with us much longer due to the neglect he was shown, but I know that the rest of his life will be as comfortable as possible now that he’s at Ferret Dreams. It is truly an honor to help support him and love him until he goes Home. I’m so grateful for the work that Ferret Dreams is doing and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a noble cause.
Liberty playing with his new toys
Liberty playing with his new toys

Angel’s Hope


Angel was adopted along with another ferret from Ferret Dreams Rescue over 3 years ago. She was returned back to us because her companion ferret had passed away and the owner thought it was in her best interest to return her.

She stated that Angel was gaining weight and depressed. When we asked if Angel had been taken to the Vet in case there was a medical issue with her rather than depression and weight gain, they stated that they knew for certain she was depressed and nothing medical wrong with her.
The minute we held Angel, we knew there was something wrong. Please don’t wait till your ferret is suffering or the medical issue gets worse. Angel was never depressed, she was sick. Thanks to all who support our Medical Fund, Angel now is recovering from spleen surgery and will be feeling a whole lot better real soon.

Special thanks to Dr. Jerry LaBonde at Homestead Animal Hospital and his wonderful staff for all you did for Angel.

To make a donation to our Medical Fund, use the Paypal Donate button on our main page.

Photos courtesy of Sherrie Escue.

Dangerously large spleen
Removal of the Spleen
Spleen removed
Dr. LaBonde in surgery mode
The big cut
Angel in recovery

DreamAngel for Liberty


Liberty is a beautiful Albino male ferret who has a large golf ball size growth on his neck. He was brought to our attention by Belinda Poirier who saw an ad on Craigslist by someone giving away a free ferret with a growth on his neck. Due to the fact that this ferret needed medical attention, Ferret Dreams Rescue felt that they needed to bring in this ferret as soon as possible so that they could give it the medical attention it deserved.

He was named Liberty because he was “rescued” on the 4th of July weekend. Liberty has a Vet appointment on Monday, July 11th at Homestead Animal Hospital. Ferret Dreams is willing to do whatever it takes to make Liberty feel better and live out the rest of his life at the rescue with dignity, comfort and love.

Ferret Dreams Rescue has a DreamAngel program which helps them take care of so many elderly and sick ferrets. To become a DreamAngel for Liberty or any of the other permanent resident ferrets at Ferret Dreams, you simply commit to support a ferret for a minimum of 6 months and a minimum of $10 a month. You can visit your DreamFerret whenever you wish, bring treats, bedding, baby food, etc. If you are unable to visit, no problem, you will still help your sponsored ferret by your monthly donation.

If you are interested in becoming a DreamAngel for Liberty or any other ferret, please contact Matthew at or call 303.733.0086.
Thank you!


DreamAngels: David & Kira

oreoldreamangel 003

In the last ten years, David and Kira from Pueblo, Colorado have adopted over 20 ferrets from Ferret Dreams Rescue.  They have also been our “southern” representatives when we need to pick up ferrets in need in the southern part of the State.  They have volunteered their time at our Mile High Ferret Club events and also our annual Wine & Cheese Silent Auction events in September.

They visit Ferret Dreams fairly regularly and always make it a point to meet the new ferrets at the rescue and spend some time with the old and sick ferrets here.  Athena and Jake, two ferrets who came to us several years ago, were very “wild” and extreme biters.  It took close to 6 months for Athena and Jake to finally trust Matthew & Lee without biting.  David and Kira have always been drawn to these two beautiful ferrets and finally on February 13th, decided to become their DreamAngels.

Here is what they wrote:

David and I have been drawn to Jake and Athena since they came to the shelter a few years ago. They were brought out for playtime during one of our visits and we started to love on them and give them some good, quality playtime. We did not know Athena was a biter until Lee asked how they were doing with us. We were the first people, outside of Matthew and Lee, to be introduced to these two. Over the years, I think Athena has bitten each of us only once. If Athena got along with other ferrets we would have probably taken them home that day. Now, every time we visit, we make sure to spend some time with these two. I am drawn to Athena’s spoiled princess attitude and to Jake’s relaxed, easy going one.

Since Jake and Athena haven’t been able to be adopted out, we have decided to become their Dream Angels. Every ferret deserves to be loved, and we love these two as if they were our own.

DreamAngel Destiny give Double Lovin!


dreamangelbramcocosatinangels 002 dreamangelbramcocosatinangels 006

Destiny contacted Ferret Dreams wanting information on our DreamAngel program and to also volunteer time at the rescue.  Destiny arrived at Ferret Dreams with gifts of blankets and beds for our shelter ferrets.

After a tour of the rescue, Destiny met all our permanent residents and made the decision to sponsor both Bram and Coco.  Both are very elderly with medical issues but still enjoying the twilight of their lives here at Ferret Dreams Rescue.

We asked Destiny to write a short paragraph or two on why she wanted to be a DreamAngel and why she chose Coco and Bram.  Here is what she wrote:

I decided to become a Dream Angel after reading about the organization and also after adopting our second ferret. When I arrived at Ferret Dreams to pick out a ferret to sponsor and visit I was very nervous. Monday January 4th my boyfriend and myself had to put our feets guy aka Masserati to sleep. In August feets guy had been diagnosed with insulinoma and did very well the first three months after his surgery. After that feets guy’s health slowly diminished and he had severe diarrhea for a week and a half. We tried antibiotics and it worked for 2 days then the day after his last dosage he pooped a lot and refused to eat. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing we have ever had to do and after that I decided if I would like to continue parenting ferrets I would need to learn more.

I had been following Ferret Dreams on Facebook for a few months and decided that becoming a Dream Angel would not just give comfort to me after the loss of my feets guy, but also give comfort to a sick ferret in need. This opportunity will also give me a chance to learn more about ferret health issues and how to help Corbin and any other future ferret family member. When I arrived at Ferret Dreams Matthew and Lee had an elderly group of ferrets out for play time in the living room. One was in Lee’s lap and the other 2 where asleep in one of the many little beds in the living room. Then there was one big guy crawling around and up to my feet. I picked him and held him on the couch. His name was Bram and he looked just like our Corbin at home and I could help but want to be his Dream Angel. I was going to only sponsor one ferret, but after losing my feets guy this past week I decided that I would sponsor two. After talking with Matthew and Lee and hearing all about Ferret Dreams,  Coco was put into my arms to be held. Coco, like Bram is also sick and very old, but unlike Bram,  Coco just wanted to snuggle. She reminded me a lot of my little feets guy who always loved to snuggle with his momma on the couch. For almost an hour I held Coco and rubbed her ears and face while she slept in a little blanket. I decided to sponsor these two because they reminded me a lot of my two boys.

Holly – DreamAngel for Coco, Bonita and Fran

hollydreamangel 004

Meet Holly, one of our latest DreamAngels.  Below is Holly’s post on why she wanted to be a DreamAngel for these precious permanent residents.

Earlier this year, I found myself in an extremely unfortunate situation. Sparing the details, ended up in a living situation where, sadly, I was forced to surrender two of my three Ferrets, Dude & Rocky, to Ferret Dreams Rescue. I was absolutely wrecked over the situation. However, in learning that they both together ended up with a wonderful Ferrent, I felt somewhat at ease with everything.

Shortly after this ordeal, I read in the Mile High News Letter about the amazing rescue story of the two newest residents at Ferret Dreams Rescue – Fran & Bonita. Their story touched my heart so much it brought tears to my eyes, literally. Still being heart broken over losing my two boys, I immediately contacted Matthew & Lee to inquire about their Dream Angel Program, and specifically about the two girls. This notion was in no way an attempt to replace my boys, but rather a way to still give to and participate with Ferret Dreams Rescue. In a way I felt I owed it to them, but I was more than happy and incredibly exited to have found a way to continue supporting them and all their amazing hard work. Not long after that I drove up to meet the two angels; it was love at first sight! Although their story was tragic, it has improved drastically since their arrival at the rescue. They were both in rough shape, each with their fare share of medical issues, along with malnourishment and physical issues to boot. That day, I met another ferret, Coco, who was out at the same playtime as the girls. Sadly, Coco had her own set of medical issues as well. Nonetheless, my heart was completely captured by all three girls. They are so amazing, so resilient, and just so precious, that to know them is simply to love them.

That is the day I became a Dream Angel for all three girls – Fran, Bonita, and Coco. I look forward to spending time with them during future visits, as all three have completely stolen my heart.

hollydreamangel 006