St. Patrick’s Day Party & Raffle – $916.00 Raised for Medical Fund

On an unusually warm Winter Day, the Mile High Ferret Club gathered for the St. Patrick’s Day Party and Raffle to benefit Ferret Dreams Rescue’s Medical Fund.  Over 40 ferrets participated on our giant playpen filled with pots of gold, giant beer mugs and lots and lots of shamrocks!  Our guests enjoyed a delicious potluck, Irish music and participated in another grand raffle for the rescue.

Over 25 raffle items were given away including bedding, artwork, jewelry and our grand raffle item, a GoPro Hero.  We raised $916.00 for our medical fund which allows us to take care of all the sick and elderly ferrets in our no-kill facility.  The medical fund also provides care for all the ferrets adopted out with a pre-existing medical condition.

Below are a few of the great pics from our St. Patrick’s Day Party & Raffle:

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We’re Available: Fenton & Gizmo

fenton7 gizo


These 2 boys are ready for their new home.  Fenton is a Lt. Sable, 2 1/2 year old male.  Gizmo is a Dark Sable, 2 1/2 year old male and Marlee is a Dark-Eyed White, 1 1/2 year old male.  Both are very friendly and love to play with both humans and ferrets.

Fenton and Gizmo are definitely bonded and may be adopted out as a pair.

If you are interested in these ferrets, please contact us.  All adoptions are subject to approval.

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We’re Adopted: Charlie, Enzo & Scout, Calou & Kodo, Felix & Khaleesi

We want to the follow ferret lovers for thinking adoption first and giving these ferrets a loving and permanent home:

The Schmidt Family  adopted Enzo and Scout

enzoscoutyoyozoomer 002

Schmidt Family with Enzo and Scout









Paul and Tracy Kula adopted Calou & Kodo

Paul, Tacy, Calou & Kodo

Paul, Tacy, Calou & Kodo









Gina Daly and her son Austin adopted Felix and Khaleesi

Gina, Austin, Felix & Khaleesi

Gina, Austin, Felix & Khaleesi









Stacy and John Foster adopted Charlie

John with Charlie

John with Charlie

DreamAngels wrap their wings around Titan

charlieadoptiontitandreamangels 006 charlieadoptiontitandreamangels 009

Rachelle and Ian Barbato, are two fairly new ferrants (ferret parents) who recently moved from California where ferrets are illegal.  They quickly searched for ferret organizations in Colorado and found Ferret Dreams Rescue and the Mile High Ferret Club.  After receiving the MHFC Newsletter, they read about Titan, our blind permanent resident which was transferred from the Denver Dumb Friends League and immediate knew they wanted to be a part of this great program.  On February 28th, Rachelle and Ian visited Titan at Ferret Dreams Rescue.  They spent some valuable time with him which is such an important part of this program.  We want to thank them for spending a Saturday afternoon with Titan and the other permanent residents here at Ferret Dreams.

Below is their write-up on why they wanted to be DreamAngels for Titan”

Matthew & Lee,
First and foremost, we are animal lovers and our heartstrings are tugged at when we see an animal in need.  We recently moved from a state California) which does not allow the companionship of ferrets, so when we moved here to Denver we knew that we would eventually get involved with them.  We came across your ferret club and chose to become members.
The reason we are choosing to become DreamAngels to a ferret in general and to one in specific (Titan) is because we do not have the time nor the resources in our current lives to do more than to care for our three own ferrets.  Yet, we recognize your sacrifice to the breed and outreach for assistance from others and we agreed together that we’d like to help where/when we can.


St. Patrick’s Day Party & Raffle

marchraffle 036

Join us for an afternoon of Irish Music, Food and Ferrets plus a huge raffle to benefit the Ferret Dreams Rescue Medical Fund. We invite you to bring your ferrets to play in our giant playpen, decorated all Green and Gold!

Over 20 ferret related items for you and your ferret will be on the raffle table. Tickets will be $1 each or 15 tickets for $10. One of our Big Ticket Raffle Items will be a GoPro Hero to capture high quality videos and photos. Tickets for this item will be $3 each or 4 for $10.

We will have another Potluck so bring something yummy to share. The Mile High Ferret Club will provide Drinks and Desserts.

The event is free for current paid members and $10 per carload for non-members.

When: Sunday, March 15th from 1pm – 3pm

Where: Lakeview Event Center – 7864 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood, Colorado 80232

Just West of Wadsworth on Jewell – (Across from the Arby’s)

marchraffle 040 marchraffle 004

We’re Available: Garrison and Russell

russellgarrisonadoption 001

On March 14th, Brittany & Zach from Ft. Collins Colorado made the journey south to visit with Garrison & Russell.  After a very positive interview and orientation, the paperwork was signed and Brittany and Zach went home with a couple of happy ferrets.  We want to thank them for the generous additional donation and for thinking adoption first!

Garrison and Russell are a bonded pair and must be adopted out together.  Both are approximately 2 1/2 years old and would love to go to their new home soon.  Garrison is a Sable male with a white bib and front white paws.  He recently had a Chordoma removed from the tip of his tail.  His tail is about an inch shorter now and should be completely healed soon.  Russell is the lighter colored Sable male.  Both are extremely friendly with people and with other ferrets.   If you are interested in this pair, please contact us.

All adoptions are subject to approval.




Learn about the Ferret Dreams Adoption Process

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We’re Adopted: YoYo & Zoomer

yoyozoomeradoption 001

These 2 sweet boys have gone to their forever home.  We want thank Carrie & Jerry for adopting again from Ferret Dreams Rescue.  We’ve lost count, but they have adopted over 10 ferrets from us in the last 10 years.   We know that YoYo and Zoomer are going to love their new home and their new ferret friend Frankie.   Thank you both!

YoYo & Zoomer are a bonded pair and must be adopted out together.  YoYo is a Sable Male, approximately 3 years old and Zoomer is a Cinnamon Colored Male, also approximately 3 years old.  Both are very active, friendly and playful.  They are ready for their new home so if you are interested in this pair, please contact us.

All adoptions are subject to approval.


Learn about the Ferret Dreams Adoption Process




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