Commemorative TShirts Available


Ten years ago when Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption began, we needed a logo for our rescue.  We asked our friend and benefactor Alan Joll if he would design one for us.  This logo captured the heart and soul of Ferret Dreams Rescue.  We used this logo for the first 5 years.  We then redesigned our logo to the one we currently use today.  To commemorate our 10th Anniversary, we are bringing the original logo back.  We will be selling this TShirt at our Anniversary Party on May 17th.  The Retro Logo TShirt will sell for $20 and our current logo TShirt will also be on sale for $15.  All proceeds will go into the Ferret Dreams Medical Fund.  We hope to be able to carry both designs going forward.

If you are interested in a TShirt, please email Matthew at for more info and shipping costs.


Mile High Ferret Club – 10th Anniversary Party & Raffle


Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption is celebrating their 10th year and we are having a party & raffle to commemorate this milestone. They have rescued over 900 abused, neglected, abandoned and surrendered ferrets since 2005. Come join the party and raffle to benefit the Ferret Dreams Building Fund. Over $31,000.00 has been raised but they need a lot more to make Ferret Dreams Shelter a reality. Bring your healthy, non-aggressive ferrets to play in our giant playpen.
Our regular raffle will have over 20 wonderful items for you and your ferrets. Tickets will be $1 each or 15 for $10.

Our Big Ticket raffle item will be a brand new Ferret Nation 182 cage complete with a full cover set for all platforms, shelves and ramps. A $350 Value. Tickets will be $3 each or 4 for $10. Must be present to win.






Bring a dish to share. The Mile High Ferret Club will provide drinks and an Anniversary Cake.
Admission is free for current paid members and only $10 for Non-Members. Hope to see you all there!

Join today!  Go to our store and sign up!  Only $45 a year for Single or $60 a year for Couple/Family!

When: May 17th from 1pm – 3pm

Where: Lakeview Event Center: 7864 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood, Colorado

Two Special Ferrets for One Special Home







Checkita and Cheree have had a rough couple of years and we are determined to find a home that will give them that extra special care.

Checkita: I’m a nice, chunky 4 1/2 year old Silver Mitt girl with a beautiful gray coat, white bib and a tiny white blaze.  Wherever you go, I’m right there checking on what you are doing and wanting to be with you.  Don’t turn around too quickly because I’m right behind you, closer than your shadow.  And at the end of the day, should you decide to nap, I love to curl up in your lap and give a big sigh of contentment as I snuggle in.  I do have a medical condition that doesn’t slow me down now, but means I need a really dedicated owner to be sure I get my medicine each day and proper medical care for life.  My foster dad says every ferret is special, but there are also very rare extra special ones and he says I’m one of those.

Cheree: I’m a beautiful 4 1/2 year old Dark Sable girl with almost black forearms and back legs.  If “Sherlock” or “Livewire” were girls names, they’d be mine as I want to investigate – there is so much world out there for one little ferret to check out.  Got a hard rubber ferret toy?  It’s instantly gone to my hidey place…along with a few pieces of kibble.  And if there is another ferret around, I immediately start “dooking” and want to groom it.  Your lap may be good for a 30 second pet, then I just have to go explore again.  I do have a couple mast cell tumors.  No big deal but I need an owner who will put ointment on them if they occasionally flare up.

Medical Issues: Checkita was diagnosed with early adrenal and was given a melatonin implant on Dec, 2014.  An ultrasound showed a mass in front of her heart and enlarged lymph nodes leads us to believe she has Lymphoma.  Checkita is on 1 mg Prednisone twice daily and will need continual treatment for her Adrenal Disease.  Ferret Dreams Rescue’s Medical Fund will pay for all medical expenses for life!

Medical Issues: Cheree needs only Tresaderm on her Mast Cell Tumors only if irritated or inflamed.  Again, Ferret Dreams Rescue’s Medical Fund will pay for all medical expenses for life!

If you are interested in this pair, please contact us.  Serious inquiries only.  All adoptions are subject to approval.

Spa Day with Mile High Ferret Club – Spring Cleaning of Sorts

The Mile High Ferret Club, which is run by Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption, is the largest ferret club around.  On Sunday, April 19th, the club members and guests were treated to a wonderful demonstration by Heather Pittman, friend and Board Member for Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Heather’s presentation was well received, especially since she brought her two beautiful ferrets, Keiko and Buzz,  to help with the demonstrations.  Heather’s presentation focused on ears, teeth, lymph nodes, bathing and nail trimming.  She emphasized how important regular maintenance can help keep your ferret clean, fresh and healthy.

Heather gave out a lot of freebies like shampoo, nail clippers, cotton swabs for those who answered her questions correctly.  Heather also put together 3 beautiful Spa Baskets that were given away to 3 lucky ticket holders.  Matthew from Ferret Dreams sweetened the pot by giving away art work, hammocks, bedding and lots of other fun ferret stuff, all for free.

The ferrets really enjoyed playing in the two giant kiddie pools filled with blue shredded paper.  A giant Goldfish also was a favorite with the ferrets to play and even take a short nap in.

We want to thank Heather for taking the time with her presentation, Belinda Poirier for coordinating the event and for all the volunteers who helped set up and clean up.  We’ll see you next month!

Here are a few pics from the Event:

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I’m Adopted: Claudia

feedingtimeclaudiaadoptionmixer 006

Claudia has finally found her way into the hearts and home of Melissa and Cody.  We want to thank them for giving Claudia a loving, caring home.  Hopefully, she will soon warm up to her ferret buddies, Aiden & Alisdare.


Claudia was abandoned in an apartment and turned in to Adams County Animal Shelter.    She was transferred to Ferret Dreams in the hopes of finding a good home for her.  She is one of the most mellow, sweetest ferrets you’ll ever meet.  She is a little shy around other ferrets but seems interested none the less.  It would be best if she found a home with another very laid back mellow ferret.  Otherwise, a home with no other ferrets may be an option.  She is a Dark-Eyed White female with a little black smudge on her nose.

If you are interested in Claudia, please contact us.  All adoptions are subject to approval.


Learn about the Ferret Dreams Adoption Process

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We’re Adopted: Butter & Toast

buttertoastadoption 005

These two young ferrets have found their forever home.  We want to thank Kyle & Carolyn for giving them a new home.  The boys went home with a big cage, a couple play tubes, bedding and lots of other goodies.  We wish them all the very best!

Butter and Toast are only 5 months old and they must go to their loving home together.  Butter is a lighter Panda color and Toast is a Dk. Sable.  Both are boys and they sure act like it.  They are very friendly, playful and still exploring their new world.  They have been on a whole prey diet in addition to their kibble.  Their whole prey diet consists of mice, chicks and sometimes quail.   The prey is frozen and after about a 2 hour thaw, ready to eat.  We would prefer them to stay on this diet but it is something that we will discuss with potential adopters.

If you are interested in this pair, please contact us.  All adoptions are subject to approval.

Learn about the Ferret Dreams Adoption Process

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We’re on Adoption Hold: Rocky and Felix

Rocky (gray) and Felix (brown) are two super happy, friendly, playful ferrets. They love to run through tubes, dig in a rice box, go for towel rides, play hide & seek, or just simply romp around with you. They both get along well with their humans and other fuzzies. They are also very affectionate and give lots of kisses or enjoy a good cuddle session with you and some blankets. They are both in excellent health, no know medical conditions. They are both fairly young – Rocky is 2 1/2 and Felix is 2. They are absolutely bonded to one another so they need to be adopted out together. They are ready to bring lots of smiles and loves to your home.
All adoptions are subject to approval.

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