Easter Egg-Stravaganza Party – A Snowy but Cozy Event

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The Calendar says Spring but Mother Nature had other plans on Sunday, April 13th for our Easter Party with the Mile High Ferret Club.  It was a cold and snowy day but yet our crowd was warm and ready to party with the Easter Bunny.  Everyone’s ferrets played in a playpen complete with green grass, Easter Baskets and Eggs.  Ferret Dreams Rescue gave out free Easter Baskets and the first 25 guests received a gift inside their Golden Egg.  Over $500 in gifts were given away to our paid guests and members.  We had a Special Silent auction for a Easter Egg Tree complete with several Ferret Figurines.

We want to thank all who arrived early to help with setup, to all who stayed late to help clean up and we thank everyone for braving the elements to join us.  Despite the weather, we have friends from as far away as Pueblo, Loveland and Boulder.

We look forward to seeing everyone next month for our Fiesta Party and Raffle.  More pictures on our Facebook pages.

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DreamAngel: Colleen

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Colleen has been a friend and supporter of Ferret Dreams Rescue for many years.  Just last year, she experienced the loss of her beloved ferret.  Even though time heals all broken hearts, Colleen still isn’t quite ready to be a ferret mom again.  Rather, she wanted to have ferrets in her life and felt that the DreamAngel program would be perfect for now.  She chose to sponsor Thyme who she can visit, spend time with, bring treats and toys and just give him an extra tender loving care.  It is a win-win situation and definitely comforting to the soul.  Here is what Colleen wrote:

Hello! Here is my statement, upon deciding to volunteer in this very positive way:
The idea of my becoming a Dream Angel to one of Ferret Dreams’
little, fuzzy dears was a growing one…festering in my heart until I
was ready to do so. Visiting with and playing with ferrets feed my soul
like no other animal can. They make me laugh at their antics and
hops,and distract me from any of my own present worries.
Simply because when I am busy giving and petting love to one (or more)
of Matt and Lee’s ferrets, I am looking beyond my own needs. The
ferrets’ needs are what matter, and I am “in the moment” with them.
After giving and being in a ferret’s sweet presence, I feel so much
better, and my world feels a little lighter. My hope is that the
ferret feels happier, too!
Ferrets are such healers, and I want to be one myself to a ferret.
Give him attention, support, and love when I can.
After visiting Ferret Dreams’ headquarters recently, I chose Thyme to
be a Dream Angel to, since I had only had girl ferrets in my past and
think he is a lovely, mellow boy to dote on!! :)
Thank you for the opportunity, Matt and Lee!!

Ferret Bounce Castle – On Sale while Supplies Last

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This Mini Bounce Castle will be bring hours of fun for your ferrets.  Quantities are limited and we are unable to ship.  Cost is $10 each.

Bounce Castles can be purchased at Ferret Dreams Rescue or at the next Mile High Ferret Club Event on April 13th.

Due to the limited quantities, we are unable to hold any unless paid in full.

Pay via Paypal at mjaramillo@sprynet.com – Make sure to write Bounce Castle in the Message.

Please use under direct supervision only.

Meet our Permanent Residents



We’ve just updated our website with all our Permanent Residents.  On the Menu Bar, under “About Us”,  simply click on “Permanent Residents” and read the profile of each and every one.  Make sure to click on “Older Posts” after Sophie to view the rest of the Permanent Residents. Some have been here over 4 years and some have just arrived.  That is the beauty of a no-kill shelter.  If any ferret comes to us with a behavioral or medical issues, it will receive the best of care.  We are able to work with biters, most of which are able to be adopted out after their rehabilitation.  Most come to us with medical issues and thanks to our Medical Fund, we are able to provide all the medical care they need.

If someone is still willing to adopt a ferret with a pre-existing medical issue, Ferret Dreams will pay for all the medical costs directly related to that specific illness or disease.  It is a win-win situation.  The ferret gets a home and the new owners aren’t immediately burdened with medical costs.

Also, you can sponsor any of permanent residents through our DreamAngel program.  It is a 6 month minimum commitment and a minimum $10 a month donation which will go towards their daily care, especially their medical bills.  DreamAngels are allowed to visit their sponsor ferret as often as they’d like.  They can bring treats and toys or just take them out to the Ferret Dreams backyard to play in the grass.  Some DreamAngels live out of state and aren’t able to visit so they sponsor from afar.  We sent periodic emails to keep the DreamAngel updated on their DreamFerret.

If you’d like to be a part of this great program, please contact us.

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Permanent Resident: Slurpee



Slurpee has been with us since 2012 and unfortunately lost his cagemate Boomer due to heart disease.  Slurpee hasn’t accepted any other ferrets but enjoys his time with other humans.  Slurpee comes out to play in the evening, after all the ferrets have had their play time, and stays out till early morning.  Slurpee has been diagnosed with Insulinoma and is on daily medications.  Slurpee also likes his duck soup mix every evening and could probably lose a little weight but as long as he is happy, that is all that matters.

If you would like to sponsor Slurpee and become his DreamAngel, please contact us.

Learn about how you can become a DreamAngel too.


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Permanent Resident: Wilbur



Wilbur originally came in with another ferret named Slink.  Unfortunately, Slink passed away due to complications from several medical issues.  Since Slink passed away, Wilbur hasn’t accepted any other ferrets and solely prefers the company of humans.  He has Adrenal Disease and has responded well with treatment.  Wilbur is a friendly Albino ferret with many years ahead of him.

If you would like to sponsor Wilbur and be his DreamAngel, please contact us.

Learn about how you can become a DreamAngel too.

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Permanent Resident: Tootsie

tootsie tootsie2

In 2013, Tootsie was found as a stray in Colorado Springs and turned in to the local Humane Society.  After a week, no one claimed her and due to her advanced Adrenal Disease, we were able to transfer her to Ferret Dreams.  She has since grown a beautiful silver coat and is as beautiful as ever.  She is very sweet and spunky and lives with about 7 other ferrets, mostly elderly permanent residents.  Because we are a no-kill shelter, we were able to give Tootsie a second chance in life and more importantly, receive the medical attention she needed and deserved.

If you would like to be her sponsor and become a DreamAngel, please contact us.

Learn about how you can become a DreamAngel too.


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