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8 Ferrets Abandoned By The Roadside – Update

Janean, Dave and Jackie with the 8 rescues

Update – It has been brought to our attention via emails and social media that the 8 ferrets were more than likely not abandoned on the side of the road but were owned by an individual who fabricated the story so that we would have sympathy and would take the ferrets in immediately, with no questions asked.  We have received sufficient evidence such as screenshots and photos off of Facebook pages and emails as further evidence.  

It is always better to tell the truth and to reach out to your local animal shelters for help.  That is what we are here for.  We don’t judge, we just want what’s best for the animals.  

Thank you everyone for your concern, your support and your donations.  These ferrets will still need homes so we will begin interviews on or around the 25th of February.

Ferret Dreams received a call on February 21st from a woman in Fort Collins, Colorado who was driving down the road and saw a cage by the roadside with a “Free” sign attached.  She stopped the car and was shocked to find 8 ferrets in a filthy cage, without food and water, out in the cold.

She took the ferrets home and made several calls  and was directed to us here at Ferret Dreams Rescue.  We contacted our friend and volunteer Janean Ruegsegger who lives up north and asked if she could pick up the ferrets for us.

Once the ferrets arrived at Janean’s, the starving ferrets ate for several hours straight.  After a good meal, they were given a bath and all 8 took a long deserving nap.  Janean, her husband Dave and daughter Jackie then brought all 8 ferrets to us.    

If you are interested in donating to Ferret Dreams Rescue so that we can continue our mission in helping every ferret in need that comes our way, donate here.  Thank you for helping us help ferrets.

After we evaluate all the ferrets, we will place them up for adoption.  All 8 seem to be under 1 year old.  If you are interested in any of these ferrets, please contact us.  

Filthy cage
No food or water
Non-stop eating after rescue
All 8 Bathing


Valentine’s Party – Ferrets, Chocolate, Games and Kissing Booth!

The Mile High Ferret Club celebrated Valentine’s Day with a huge party at the Lakeview Event Center.  Over 30 ferrets attended our event and played in Cupid’s Den however we aren’t sure if there were any love connections.  Members and guests had the opportunity to win gift cards with a couple of games of chance.  There was Putt Putt Golf and Pick a Duckie.  Winners then spun the wheel for another chance to win gift cards.  Every, young and old, had a great time playing the games.

There were 2 Kissing Booths, one for the humans and one for the ferrets.   Many of our guests had their pictures taken with their loved ones and their ferrets.

Everyone brought a dish to share for our potluck.  The Chocolate Fountain was a huge hit, dipping fruit and cake in delicious chocolate.

Special thanks to the following:

Jim and Sherrie Escue for the Kissing Booth and for all the wonderful pictures.  Check out the pictures below

Christine Davis and Tiffany Kellar for purchasing the games and for being such great Game Hosts.  

To all our Weasel Wardens who kept the playpen clean and safe for all the ferrets.

Belinda Poirier, our Events Coordinator, for another fun-filled event.

Finally, thanks to all who helped set up and clean up.  We’ll see everyone on March 19th.  

We’re Adopted – Koda, Alaska & Kitt, Skittles and Fergie

It has been a busy month here at Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Many of ferrets who have been waiting a long time for a home finally got their wish.

Koda and Ben

Koda had been at Ferret Dreams Rescue for over 2 years along with 2 other ferrets who recently passed away.  Koda was left alone but thanks to Ben Robinson, Koda is now in a new home with two more friends, Sugar and Spice.  We want to thank Ben for giving Koda a forever home.

Selena Gonzalez-Lopez visited Ferret Dreams Rescue in the hopes of finding a perfect match.  Alaska and Kitt had also been at the shelter a while and we are so thankful to Selena for giving Alaska and Kitt the home they deserve.  Even though both have minor medical issues, Selena is willing to following through with their care.

Selena, Alaska and Kitt

Skittles was found in an abandoned home and brought to Ferret Dreams Rescue.  Skittles was in advanced stages of Adrenal Disease but had the most positive outlook and personality.  One of Skittles favorite things to do was snuggle and take naps with his human friends.  We are so impressed with Kristina Mayne for adopting Skittles even with his medical issue.  We began treatment for his Adrenal Disease and Skittles is now covered through the Ferret Dreams Medical Plan since he was adopted with a pre-existing condition.  Thank you so much Kristina for your caring heart and love for Skittles.

Kristina and Skittles
Kristina and Skittles

Sick and neglected ferrets need food

Did you know…

In 2012 the American Veterinary Medical Association found there were 748,000 pet ferrets, the third most popular pet carnivore after cats and dogs.

Help our cause ‘Sick and neglected ferrets need food’. Give $1. Change a lot.

You can donate any amount from $1 on up. We receive 100% of the donations. Google covers any processing fees for donations made through Google One Today.

You can also opt to match other donations if you are feeling extra generous. 😁  Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for your help!

DreamAngels for Valentine’s Day

February is the month for love, for caring, for sharing and for giving.  Two wonderful DreamAngels, Tiffany Kellar and Christine Davis, have each picked a permanent resident ferret to sponsor just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

Tiffany picked Pepper, a sweet boy who has an enlarged spleen and Insulinoma.  Pepper is a pretty mellow guy who is lucky to have such a caring DreamAngel.

Christine picked Kiki, a small girl with a big personality.  Kiki is also battling with Insulinoma and despite just having lost her companion Kita, she is full of spunk and loves to follow you around and even dance for you.  

We want to thank both Tiffany and Christine for choosing these two ferrets to sponsor.  If you would like to be a DreamAngel to one of our permanent residents, please contact us.  

Valentine’s Party with the Mile High Ferret Club

Join us for an afternoon of Ferret Lovin and Ferret Kissin. Our giant playpen with accomodate over 50 ferrets to play and meet new ferret friends. Valentine’s in the theme and we’ll have Valentine Gift Bags for the first 24 families (Only 1 per household).
There will be games and a Kissing Booth to add to the fun!
As always, we’ll have a potluck so bring something yummy to share. The Club will provide Drinks and Desserts.
Bring only your healthy and Non-Aggressive ferrets to play.
Admission is free for paid Members
Admission for Non-Members is $10 per person.
Join the club and save.
When: February 19th from 1pm – 3pm
Where: Lakeview Event Center – 7864 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood, Co 80232
Email Matthew at with any questions

Taz and Felix – Bald is Beautiful…For Now



Ferret Dreams Rescue recently took in two ferrets with advanced Adrenal Disease.  Both ferrets will receive the best medical care that we can give them.  In a couple of months, we hope both of them will be feeling better and will have beautiful fur coats

Taz came in with his buddy Boh, with extremely dry skin and naked from Adrenal Disease.  Both were surrendered because the previous owner was unable to provide the medical care that Taz needed and deserved.

Felix was transferred from Denver Dumb Friends League after being disqualified for adoption there.  Felix is a very sweet boy and we hope that he will someday be available for adoption.  If not, he will have a safe place here at Ferret Dreams for the rest of his life.

If you have a ferret that is elderly or sick, please do not take them to any of the local animal shelters or humane societies.  They will not care for them and eventually call us here at Ferret Dreams to pick them up.  This is why we need your support for our Medical Fund.  We not only receive sick and elderly ferrets from individuals, but from the many animal shelters and humane societies in Colorado and even neighboring States.  

If ever in a situation where you need to surrender an elderly or sick ferret, please contact us so that we can discuss your situation and work out a plan for surrender.