In Memoriam

No heaven will not heaven be … unless my ferrets are there to welcome me

The hardest part about loving furry creatures is we humans tend to outlive them. At Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption, we like to remember all of the ferrets who have come through our doors and lived the best life they could.

In tribute to Matthew and Lee’s ferrets who have left us [Paco, Coco, Albus, Dinde, Luna, Chico, Angel, Estrella, Mokie, Lucy, Gus, Flop, Sandy, Lil Girl and Kodiak], we remember them.

Kodiak: Ferret Dreams Greeter and Guardian

On the morning of April 9, 2010, we said goodbye to our ferret Kodiak. Kodiak came into our lives five years ago as a surrendered ferret. At that time, we had a ferret who was going through depression after losing her companion. Kodiak lifted her spirit and the two bonded very quickly. It was then that we decided to keep him as our own.

Since the beginning, Kodiak accepted every ferret who came to Ferret Dreams. He was the most loving and accepting ferret we ever had. He made the depressed and confused ferrets feel welcomed. He comforted the sick ones. He cheered up the lonely.

Kodiak will always be in our hearts for he has taught us so much about love and acceptance. We thank you for your unconditional love towards us and every ferret that came through our door. We love you Kodiak.