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Champ and Lilly, two Ferret Dreams permanent residents
Champ and Lilly, two Ferret Dreams Permanent residents

Ferrets are zany, gregarious, furry mammals that easily steal the hearts [and shoes, and iPods and shiny possessions] of the people who keep them.

More like dogs than any other cage pet, ferrets require daily exercise and human interaction [aka play!], they are affectionate and easily bond with their people and other household pets. They especially bond with each other. In fact, many shelters like ours do not separate bonded pairs because of the trauma separation can cause. Ferrets are small, weighing about 1 to 5 pounds, quiet and independent like cats

Ferrets make great pets for the right families
Ferrets make great pets for the right families.

Believe it or not, it’s illegal to own ferrets in several states, including California and New York.

Ferrets make great pets—but they’re not good for people who are looking for a creature to look at through a cage. They live up to a decade. However, inbreeding issues lead to common [and expensive] conditions ranging from adrenal disease to insulinoma [cancer of the pancreas that causes low blood sugar] to lymphoma. Ferret vet bills add up quickly for many owners.

Ferrets can live long, healthy lives with fresh water, high-quality food and treats [nom nom turkey babyfood!], regular vet care and plenty of time playing outside of their cages every day.

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