DreamAngels for Valentine’s Day

February is the month for love, for caring, for sharing and for giving.  Two wonderful DreamAngels, Tiffany Kellar and Christine Davis, have each picked a permanent resident ferret to sponsor just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

Tiffany picked Pepper, a sweet boy who has an enlarged spleen and Insulinoma.  Pepper is a pretty mellow guy who is lucky to have such a caring DreamAngel.

Christine picked Kiki, a small girl with a big personality.  Kiki is also battling with Insulinoma and despite just having lost her companion Kita, she is full of spunk and loves to follow you around and even dance for you.  

We want to thank both Tiffany and Christine for choosing these two ferrets to sponsor.  If you would like to be a DreamAngel to one of our permanent residents, please contact us.