Western Ferret Stock Show and Raffle Update with Pics

On January 29th, the Mile High Ferret Club put on another fantastic event called the Western Ferret Stock Show and Raffle.  Over 50 guests and 40 ferrets joined us for a fun-filled afternoon.  The giant playpen was converted into a giant western corral complete with bales of hay, cowboy hats, snakes and money bags and a Teepee.  The ferrets loved climbing around the bales of hay, enjoying the smells of the west.

Ferret Dreams Rescue had another great raffle to benefit the Medical Fund and raised $623.70 for our ferrets in need.

There was plenty of food to share including home-made chili, sandwiches, pizza, chicken, fruits and vegetables.  For dessert, there were cupcakes with edible cowboy hats.

Special thanks to our Weasel Wardens who kept the peace inside the playpen.  Special Shout out to Dawn and Brian for the Bales of Hay, Saddles and Lasso’s.  

Finally, special thanks to Belinda Poirier, our Events Coordinator for another well planned event and Jim Escue, our guest photographer who captured the spirit of the event so well.  See the pics below.