Slash is a permanent resident of Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption.

In Memoriam: Slash

Slash is a permanent resident of Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption.

Slash is now a permanent resident due to his adrenal disease and enlarged spleen.  He is very active still but requires special handling due to his illnesses.

Update: On April 8th, we helped Slash cross over to another place, free of pain and suffering.  He experienced another major blockage from his bladder due to an enlarged prostate.  The medication and treatments worked for a while but this final blockage was too much for him to handle.  Along with his adrenal disease, Slash dealt with an enlarged spleen, bladder and prostate problems and blindness.  Even on his last day, he enjoyed his ferretone, his treats, especially his whipped cream and his two playmates, Nibbles and Pumpkin.  Slash was approximately 9 years old and spent the last 3 years with us here at Ferret Dreams.  We want to thank all who support our Medical fund and especially his two DreamAngels, Chris and Jamie.  Thank you everyone!

Chris & Jamie are Slash’s DreamAngels!

Chris and Jamie have been great friends to Ferret Dreams. They have adopted many ferrets from us, almost all of them special needs guys. In March, we posted on our Facebook page that Slash is the only permanent resident who did not have a DreamAngel–a monthly sponsor. Within minutes, Chris and Jamie had their hands up. We’re so grateful for their support. Here’s what they said about becoming Slash’s DreamAngel:

Ferret Dreams is such an amazing organization, and when we learned of the DreamAngels program we immediately knew that we wanted to get involved. It’s always been in our nature to help the helpless. Every animal we’ve ever adopted has been one that others found unadoptable.  Those are the ones that make our family complete. We truly believe that God created all living things equal and that they all need to be treated with respect.  Although we aren’t taking Slash home, we are still happy to have him as part of our extended family. We look forward to contributing to the wonderful life he’s living at Ferret Dreams.

Chris and Jamie with Slash