I’m Adopted: Clover

Clover & Princess Together for Life

After serious consideration, Clover was adopted out with another female ferret named Princess.  We feel that Clover will be happier and healthier with another little female friend.  We want to thank Dusti and her son T.J. for giving them a loving home.  Below is an email we received from Dusti about Clover and Princess:

Clover is doing fantastic! The two girls are so cute together. They always sleep together, eat together and run around the house together. They’ve even been doing some wrestling and I saw them grooming each other last night. Princess is so much calmer and i can tell she’s very happy to have a sister. It’s like they are reunited twins who were separated at birth. It’s impossible to tell them apart without close inspection. Clover has adjusted to the groove of our family and fits in with all of us, including the dogs, perfectly. I can’t imagine how we, and especially Princess, ever lived without her. Thank you for giving us the chance to adopt her into our family!

Dusti Lane