March Heroes of the Month: Belinda and Zoe

Belinda and Zoe as DreamAngels

It is amazing to us how much Belinda and Zoe have done for our rescue in such a short period of time.  Within the last couple of months, these two fantastic women have helped us by fostered ferrets for us, have taken care of a terminally ill ferret for us, have adopted ferrets from us and finally, have become DreamAngels for two of our permanent residents.  Because of all these wonderful gifts of giving and sharing, we have chosen Belinda and Zoe as our Heroes of the month.

Last year, Belinda and Zoe experienced the heartbreaking loss of their personal ferrets.  As we all know, this leaves us with an empty feeling inside our hearts and in our homes.  We miss the sound of ferrets running through tubes, begging for treats and nipping on our toes.  Soon after these losses, they wanted to bring ferrets back into their home so they contacted us about fostering.  We had three ferrets, Moose, Gambit and Lyla.  They loved having these three in their home but suddenly, Lyla, an older ferret, became very sick while in their care.  We offered to bring her back here so we could take care of her but Belinda and Zoe insisted on taking care of her so she wouldn’t be separated from her brothers.  Unfortunately, a decision was made to free Lyla from her pain and suffering and Belinda insisted on being there, holding her paw, to help her cross the bridge.  This was such a warm and beautiful gesture from Belinda and now Lyla’s ashes are kept safe and close to the ones who cared for her during her final days.

Soon afterwards, Belinda and Zoe decided to keep Moose & Gambit and so another successful adoption took place.  Soon afterwards, Belinda and Zoe still wanted to help and fostered two little girls named Mocha and Creme.  All 4 ferrets hit it off and again, they decided to adopted Mocha and Creme.  Now all four are loving life with Belinda and Zoe and the rest of their family.

Finally, after we announced that Motley and Crue were going to be taken off the adoption list and made permanent residents, they jumped on the chance to be their DreamAngels.  They visited Motley and Crue and brought toys and treats and an awesome Pirate Ship for them.  They have been great DreamAngels to Motley and Crue and we really appreciate the love they continue to share.

We want to thank both of you for all you did for Lyla, Moose, Gambit, Mocha, Creme, Motley and Crue.  We thank you for your generous hearts. Your love for ferrets is incredible and really awesome to see.   If all ferret owners were like Belinda and Zoe, we wouldn’t have a rescue full of unwanted, neglected, abused, abandoned and sick ferrets.

Zoe tries on the Pirate outfit on Crue


Lyla resting at Belinda and Zoe's

One thought on “March Heroes of the Month: Belinda and Zoe

  1. Matthew & Lee

    We love all four of them so much, although we miss Miss Lyla & her tissue roll =], Daisy, George & Maggie every day we LOVE watching Moose & Gambit play every day so freely and Mocha and Creme just follow them around, they all snuggle together when they are not playing and bring so much joy into our lives. Really You ,Matthew & Lee are the hero’s for all you do for these sweet animals and bringing them into our lives plus we’ve made a couple of human friends too, we love you tons, Belinda & Zoe

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