DreamAngels: Belinda & Zoe



DreamAngels with Motley & Crue


Just hours after we had posted on our website and Facebook page that Motley & Crue were reclassified as permanent residents, Belinda and Zoe contacted us and wanted to be their DreamAngels.  Motley and Crue are two of the sweetest ferrets but after being available for adoption for over 9 months, we decided to make them permanent residents here at our no-kill shelter. 

On a Saturday afternoon, Belinda and Zoe came to Ferret Dreams with a bag full of toys, treats, baby food and an awesome Pirate Ship.  The boys were enjoying Christmas in February.  Belinda & Zoe spent about an hour visiting and playing with Motley & Crue.  It was a fantastic visit for everyone involved. 

Our DreamAngel program is such a wonderful way to get involved with our rescue and sponsor any of our permanent residents.  Some are too old or sick to be adopted out.  Others are biters or have been tortured, abused or neglected.  They will stay with us for the rest of their lives with all their medical needs taken care of by our wonderful DreamAngels.  If you would like to be a DreamAngel, please contact us.

Zoe & Crue










Cool Pirate Ship!