Permanent Residents: Motley & Crue

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Motley & Crue are a bonded pair and must be adopted out together. Motley is an Albino male approximately 3 years old and Crue is a Dark-Eyed White male who is also about 3 years old.  They are a very mellow pair who just like to hang out with each other and their human companions.  Motley and Crue unfortunately do not get along with other ferrets.  Motley has an old foot injury that has healed and still manages to get around just fine .  Crue has an enlarged spleen but according to our Veterinarian, there is no health issue at this time.  Motley & Crue will be covered under our medical plan for Motley’s foot and Crue’s spleen only.  If you are interested in this pair, please contact us for further information about them and our medical plan.

Update: February 15,2011 –

Motley & Crue have been available for adoption since May 2011.  Although we had several inquiries to adopt them, none were appropriate or approved.  After 9 month on the available list, we have made the decision to make them permanent residents.  It is unfortunate since they are so sweet and laid back.  Motley’s foot injury and Crue’s enlarged spleen seems to be the reasons they were constantly overlooked, even though these medical conditions were covered under our medical plan.

Motley and Crue would love to have a DreamAngel to be a part of their lives.  Our DreamAngel program is a wonderful way to sponsor any of our permanent residents.  For only a minimum 6 month commitment and a minimum $10 a month, you can sponsor this pair of cuties.  As their DreamAngel you get to help us with their care here at our no-kill shelter.  You can visit them whenever you wish and shower them with toys, treats, bedding or just a lot of hugs and kisses.  Please contact us if you would like to be their DreamAngel.  Thank you!


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  1. Jamie and I are fostering Motley & Crue. We’ve had them for a few weeks and they are very friendly, loving, and happy ferrets! They’ve had some play time with our other ferrets and they get a long with them great.

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