Permanent Resident: Elvis Passes Away

Elvis was transfered from a local humane society because of his advanced adrenal disease.  We started treatment with a Lupron injection but after a couple of months,  we didn’t see any results.  We recently took him in for an ultrasound to determine whether surgery would be a better option for him.  Unfortunately, the ultrasound came back with more bad news.  Elvis also has Lymphoma of the Spleen and Intestines.  Because of this new development, surgery is no longer an option.  Elvis will now be a permanent resident here at Ferret Dreams.  Elvis is a friendly guy who gets along with everyone, especially other ferrets.  He spends his time outside the cage with Whitey and Smokey.    Even though he doesn’t have hair, he is still a beautiful Albino boy!

Now that he is a permanent resident, he could use a DreamAngel.  Our DreamAngel program is a sponsorship program for our permanent residents.  We ask a minimum 6 month commitment and a minimum $10.00 a month to help us with his medical care.  A cage tag with the ferrets name and another tag with the DreamAngels name will hang on the cage till the time you complete your sponsorship or the permanent resident passes away.  The cage tag will then be given to you as a token of our appreciation and/or a remembrance.

On the morning of November 15th, we discovered Elvis has passed away sometime during the night.  The Lymphoma and Adrenal Disease were too much for his little body.  He enjoyed his short time here with us and was even beginning to let other ferrets snuggle up to him and keep him warm.  He will be missed.

We want to thank Rita, Alan and Jennifer from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley for coordinating his transfer to us.   Also, a special thanks to Robin Jones who picked Elvis from the Ferret Giving Tree.  Robin sent his Christmas gifts early and luckily, Elvis was able to enjoy his sleep sack and enjoy his Banana Bandit Treats.  Thank you Robin for picking such a special little guy.


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