Halloween Party & Costume Contest was Spook-tacular & Dook-tacular

On Sunday, October 23rd,the Mile High Ferret Club had its annual Halloween Party and Costume Contest.  And as usual, it was a fantastic party.  There were over 30 ferrets in attendance and all had a great time playing in the largest playpen in Colorado.  Afterwards, many ferrets participated in the Costume Contest.   There were some very clever costumes!  The 3 judges had a very difficult time picking the 3 winners.  The Mile High Ferret Club provided sandwiches, cakes, cupcakes and gift bags filled with people candy and ferret treats.

Below are some of the highlights from the Halloween Party.  

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  1. Snotface

    Be there or be square! Unless square is part of your costume… Then I guess it’s ok 🙂

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