We’re Adopted! Serenus & Domino

Domino rests in her hammock while Serenus lays in front

Serenus & Domino are a very attractive couple and must be adopted out together.  They do get along with other ferrets and we would prefer a home with at least one other ferret.  Serenus is an energetic boy with lots of play in him.  He does play rough and will need someone who can work with his nipping when playing.  Domino is a sweet girl who is deaf but very friendly.  She too can be nippy at times and she is very independent.  This pair is not recommended in a home with small children.  If you are interested in adopting this pair, please contact us to find out more about our adoption process.

After fostering Serenus & Domino for approximately 6 months, the bond grew strong and Renee decided she wanted to adopt them.  She also adopted MeiMei and Mia, two other rescues she was fostering for us.  We want to thank Renee for being an awesome foster mom for us.  She is a huge supporter of our rescue and a true friend.  Thank you Renee for the treats, toys and baby food you donated also. 



Renee with Mia and MeiMei

3 thoughts on “We’re Adopted! Serenus & Domino

  1. They’re definitely extremely happy little ferrets, and very smart too (Serenus will keep you on your toes with his escape attempts). It’s very bittersweet for us to give them up, but we know Ferret Dreams will find the best home for them.

  2. I hope I can adopt them. I really am trying hard to get my parents to let me get Serenus and Domino. I love the little cute things and I wish they get the best.

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