I’m Adopted! Badger

Stephanie and Badger

Several weeks ago, a ferret was found wandering the streets of Arvada, Colorado.  We searched high and low for his owner but were unsuccessful.  We named him Badger because of his badger-like markings on his face.  After a medical exam, he was cleared for adoption.  Stephanie had already expressed an interest in him if we were unable to locate his owner.  Stephanie has two ferrets including the infamous Snotface and Remmy.  Stephanie adopted Remmy from Ferret Dreams several months ago.  Remmy came in as a biter and after several weeks of discipline, he calmed down and was ready for adoption.  Stephanie now adds a third ferret to her household and we are thrilled.  Stephanie is a wonderful ferret owner who includes them in all her day to day activities.   Badger is going to love hanging out with his two new playmates and Stephanie.  Thank you for giving our little lost boy a great home.